A couple of days ago CNN reported that Clinton's head blood clot was not life-threatening. Even so,the brief dread that it could be something worse sent panicky messages ricocheting throughout her enormous network of friends and admirers. Haunting memories returned of how her ambassador,Richard Holbrooke,fatally exhausted by grueling Af-Pak missions that his friends begged him to curtail,collapsed in her office two years ago and died days later from a ruptured aorta. The idea of losing Hillary has seemed especially unbearable at this political moment. It's as if she has become,literally,the ship of state. She stands for maturity,tenacity,and self-discipline at a time when everyone else in Washington seems to be,in more senses than one,goyard wallet going off a cliff—a parade of bickering,blustering,small-balled hacks bollixing up the nation's business.
Could you expand on that? What are your thoughts on the state of the rap-music industry in 2012?Rappers should just be able to perform what they create and satisfy the people that like and love them. Now,rappers perform and give a half-assed show,or don’t even show up to all the areas that they’re magnified. I hate the majors. I like Rick Ross as a person. I like Jay-Z and Kanye West as people. But I hate the companies that they record for. I hate the radio stations that play 100 percent national-sponsored hip-hop music. And I hate Viacom for being a fucking one-trick pony. They’re the major,dominant TV company. BET is a part of Viacom. They think that just because they own BET,they can buy and sell black people at their whim.
 After laying a sealed envelope on the altar,he pulled out a small Belgian-made pistol,pointed it into his mouth,and pulled the trigger. The title typed on the sheet of paper inside the envelope read: "Declaration of Dominique Venner: reasons for a voluntary death." French policemen near a vehicle of French firefighters outside Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral,on May 21,2013,after a man killed himself in front of the altar. (Pierre Verdy/AFP)A veteran of French neofascist groups,Venner was a longtime militant of the far right who had gradually eased into a new life as a respected historian,known for his expertise on weapons and hunting. But his suicide manifesto,as well as a blog post he published earlier that morning,took him directly back to the dark themes that drove his life: the "great replacement of the people of France" and the prospect of France "falling into the hands of Islamists.
 While the reveal at the end is a little too Alias-esque,it does set up a slew of intriguing story threads to be picked up down the road.Fallon: Just when it seems like The Blacklist was going to be a B-level Silence of the Lambs rip-off,an out-of-nowhere action set piece comes crashing through midway through the episode,instantly invigorating the episode with a jolt that carries through the rest of the hour. Suddenly,James Spader’s creepy-intense former criminal becomes more interesting,and Megan Boone’s Clarice Starling–lite more empathetic and,more important,her own uniquely intriguing character. The final act reaches Homeland levels of intensity.Verdict: Sign us up.Crisis (Midseason; Sunday at 10 p.
 Anyway,blatantly disobeying the Palace's recent edict to stay out of the limelight,Pippa was there,looking very glamorous.Why Has Paula Deen Been Vilified,While Alec Baldwin’s Been Given a Pass? Paula Deen (left) and Alec Baldwin. (Francois Mori/AP)Poor Richard’s Almanack was distributed in the American colonies annually between 1732 and 1758. Published by Benjamin Franklin under the pseudonym "Poor Richard," the almanac proved enormously popular,with the number of copies sold reaching the tens of thousands. In the 1752 edition,Franklin—ever the cheeky wordsmith—took on the subject of hypocrisy (which was a pretty big deal at the time): "Mankind are very odd Creatures: One Half censure what they practice,the other half practice what they censure; the rest always say and do as they ought.
 After my first post appeared on the Ms. Magazine site,goyard online  I was called an "idiot," "stupid," "immoral," "clueless," "a coward," and "dangerous." One woman suggested I put the gun in my mouth and pull the trigger—and several tried to reveal my home address on the moderated comments section.Someone drew a cartoon of me,and I got dozens of Facebook friend requests,mostly from guys with profile pictures that included one of three things: semi-automatic weapons,someone in camouflage gear,or the Gadsden Flag (the one with the snake and the "Don't Tread on Me" inscription).Mostly the anger was about me not obtaining any training. But then,the entire point of the experiment was to do the legal minimum and my state doesn't require it.
 He's the innovator,he's got the money and the patience,so we'll see. I think in some ways,this may be the Post's last chance to survive,at least in some form of what it was."Woodward's bittersweet reaction was typical of Post veterans,who were at once grief-stricken at the prospect of losing the Grahams as owners and hopeful that Bezos will find a way to save their jobs. Bob Woodward joined "Morning Joe" Tuesday to discuss the "Washington Post" sale and his conflicted emotions. ‘There is unquestionably some element here of a highly successful guy buying a seat at the table. Citizen Kane 2.0,' said Jim Friedlich. "I spent my entire adult career working for the Graham family,and even though The Washington Post is corporate,it never felt much like one.
 "This will be full again of amazing books." All nonprofits are "a hustle anyway," he said,adding that he feels Printed Matter will just have to hustle yet more to recover from this blow. "We're not rich,but we're rich in good will." Flooded Galleries Recover Photo by Lucy HoggAround the corner from him is a concern that is,indeed,rich—and was not thereby spared Sandy's wrath. David Zwirner's deluxe gallery fills much of the block on 19th Street west of Tenth Avenue,and the building received the full force of the flood. On Saturday you could still make out a filthy waterline about 5 feet up on every wall in Zwirner's maze of spaces—or at least on any wall still waiting to be replaced.
 Here's the buzz. The PlayStation 4,demoed along with a new physical iteration of their Vita handheld,represents a continuation of Sony's "kitchen sink" approach to hardware design that their previous system was famous for. Despite the suitably impressive hardware specifications (an eight-core processor based on AMD's "Jaguar" architecture,8GB of GDDR5 RAM,powerful GPU),the system be launching in America on November 15 for a surprisingly low $399 (in comparison to the PlayStation 3's ludicrous $599 price tag). Beyond the internals,the new controller features a touchpad on the center as well as a "Share" button that will allow for immediate uploading of gameplay footage,helped by the fact that PS4 is constantly recording and storing the last 15 minutes of play to its built in 500 GB hard drive.
"She understands the need for doing it. It’s a threat to national security,and she gets that," he said,adding,"Katy’s just trying to raise her daughter."Boston Will Change Nothing Jim Rogash/Getty ImagesMy CNN column:goyard st louis   why Boston will change nothing:Ten years ago,politicians and pundits liked to say,"9/11 changed everything." For a while,it seemed true.Now it seems like a vanished era. Today,nothing changes anything.No matter what happens,our thinking remains frozen exactly in place,impervious to new experience and new evidence.On December 14 of last year,a deranged man fatally shot and killed 20 students and six teachers with an assault-style rifle,the second deadliest mass shooting in American history.
 There was even a speech from Sarah Palin who made a joke about her "rack" and sipped a big gulp on stage.There was not too much at stake for the presidential contenders. In front of such a friendly audience,it was difficult not to make a favorable impression. Even those who didn't do well in the straw poll weren't suffering. After all,it's hard for nonbinding straw poll two and a half years out to do any damage. But it did allow prospective candidates to stake their claim out on turf in a Republican primary: Rand Paul as a libertarian,Marco Rubio as a George W. Bush Republican,Paul Ryan as a budget scold and Rick Santorum as a social conservative.The activists attending CPAC left on Saturday with no clearer idea of who the next Republican presidential nominee would be than when they arrived at the conference on Thursday.

After laying a sealed envelope on the altar